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About Business & Job Resources Center

The BJRC stands at the point where LAWA and the community meet. It is the nexus of supply and demand. The intersection of possibilities and results. It is here that opportunity and value are identified, created, negotiated and delivered.

The BJRC’s comprehensive services support LAWA and the community on every level. From promoting broad awareness of contracting and jobs to increasing the ability of businesses and individuals to compete and succeed by providing them with bond assistance, training and hard-to-come-by work experience, the BJRC services are focused on building capacity, facilitating relationships and creating new opportunities.

About Business Outreach

Beyond just being a physical location, the BJRC represents a highly effective “marketplace,” at the heart of which are the business resources the BJRC seeks out, cultivates and brings to the table as contracting opportunities arise. They include local emerging, disadvantaged, and minority- and woman-owned businesses that engage with the BJRC through informational workshops, networking meetings and sponsored events. The BJRC’s broad base of business resources is further enhanced by its active participation in and collaboration with professional associations, industry organizations, chambers of commerce and the Los Angeles Mayor’s Office of Economic Development.

The BJRC is an active participant in the Los Angeles business community. Focused primarily on bringing timely information about future LAWA projects to our dynamic and diverse business community, the BJRC leverages its resources by developing and maintaining strong relationships by working closely with its collaborative business partners, including the Mayor’s Office of Economic Development, other governmental agencies, national and ethnic business organizations, private corporations and local chambers of commerce to stimulate interest in competing for airport contracts. Its extensive outreach also includes providing business networking, sponsorship of and participation in industry trade shows and community events, in-depth skills-based and informational workshops, and membership in diversity-oriented industry organizations, professional associations and chambers of commerce.

About Bond Assistance

To effectively compete for construction business with LAWA, bidding companies must be bonded. But some find the process of obtaining bonding cumbersome because of the rigorous application and review process. Administered by the bonding assistance firm of Merriwether & Williams, the LAWA Bond Assistance Program provides technical assistance and financial guidance to local contractors through a range of services, including bid, performance and payment bond guarantees to surety companies; cost subsidies for CPA-prepared financial statements; and training through individual counseling and group workshops on bonding, financing and business management.

The LAWA Bond Assistance Program helps local emerging construction contractors as well as the subcontractors of prime construction contractors navigate the often rigorous and time-consuming bonding application and review process. By also providing them with the technical assistance, guidance and training they need in not only bonding, but also financing and business management, the BJRC levels the playing field and enables these firms to compete more effectively for highly desirable construction opportunities with LAWA.

About Employment Outreach

LAWA and its tenants have thousands of full-time and part-time employees at every professional level, and in every department and capacity imaginable.  From skycaps to systems analysts, restaurant workers to real estate officers, engineers to elevator mechanics, there are a wide variety of positions and rewarding careers to be found. The BJRC is focused on connecting the right people with the right jobs, conducting employment outreach events, hosting job fairs, providing workforce training, and reaching into the community to select qualified candidates, as well as educate the public about LAWA’s wealth of job and career opportunities.

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From its successful First Source Hiring Program and well-attended job fairs, to workforce training and awareness building, the BJRC is at the heart of LAWA’s commitment to bringing employment opportunities – and the security and prosperity that comes with them – to the communities surrounding LAX. Those job and career opportunities range from part time to full time, retail to highly technical, behind the scenes to dealing directly with the public.

About Education Outreach

Airport and aviation professionals are in demand, but many students are unaware of these rewarding, high-potential careers. Others are simply unable to get a foot in the door. LAWA’s Gateways Internship Program is a dedicated effort that targets local college and high school students, and is specifically designed to open doors to a career path in the aviation industry for young people in the communities surrounding LAX. The program offers paid and unpaid internships where the objective is to provide valuable exposure to aviation-related careers, as well as significant real-world work experience opportunities.

To glimpse something new. To have a hands-on experience with possibility. To open a door to the future. These are the goals of the Gateways Internship Program – a LAWA initiative under the direction of the BJRC that targets local college and high school students for paid and non paid internships that provide valuable work experience opportunities at LAX that often lead to job placements, as well as careers in aviation.

To contact the Education Outreach Program coordinator:

Allyson Lavalais, Education Outreach Coordinator
(424) 646-7300 x 67306 

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