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VNY Forming Committee for Airfield Safety

In an effort to further address and mitigate concerns of airport safety, LAWA and VNY tenants have laid the foundation for the creation of a Safety and Security Committee for members of the VNY aviation community.

The general goal of the Safety and Security Committee is to abate any safety or security concerns around the airport as they arise. Participants on the committee will work collaboratively, actively searching for issues and developing solutions for implementation. At its core, the Safety and Security Committee will promote collective teamwork and the disclosure of information to develop innovative responses to incidents. “Collaboration is the key to the success of this committee,” said committee Co-chair Greg Lavender, a VNY Superintendent of Airport Operations. “With each member having a unique experience and insight into the problems at hand, I believe we will be well-equipped to tackle issues from all angles.”

A key point this committee aims to reinforce is the price of inaction around the airfield, and what effect the consequences can have on airport users and operators. Among other topics of interest, the committee will also focus on the problems presented by untrained drivers on the airfield, vandalism, passenger pick-ups, pedestrian entry and red line violations.